An Unrealistic Life: Living on the Edge where Work and Joy are One.

Stories of people who have followed their passions and created unique lifestyles outside the security of the 9-5 world.

Stories from the Studio: What it’s Really Like to be an Artist

Beyond the Artroom: Unleashing Creativity Throughout the Curriculum

Workshops for teachers and administrators on integrating art and curriculum.

The Business of Art: Survival Skills for Artists

One session or a weekend workshop including copyright information, tax deductions, marketing, and organizational tips.

Lessons in Creativity: Breaking out of the Mold!

Specifically developed for organizations and institutions which are ready for change.

Gather ye Raspberries: Savoring Slow Food and Slow Living

An artist’s celebration of everyday life.

Off the Map in Borneo: Tales of a Woman Traveling Alone

Slides and stories of an unplanned journey through SouthEast Asia.

The Environment of Creativity: From the Global to the Personal

Slide presentation on the artist’s work and inspirations, linking both inner and outer environments.

The Healing Power of Art: Interactive Art Workshop

Lift your spirits by putting together pieces of your life’s puzzle with the magic of color and collage. Have you endured heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, illness, or trauma? And would you like to express the sheer joy of living? Come work with artist Elena Hiatt Houlihan to experience first-hand the healing power of art! During this workshop, you will create your own original work of art, a “moving image” for your healing journey.